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Sale of Goal Getter's Guide

Are you a person who wants to be deliberate

and focused in all aspects of your life?

Would you like to set and achieve meaningful goals?

Realise your full potential with this fun, practical

and user-friendly workbook!

Using this book as a guide to goal setting will help you organise your life, become aware of your goals and become creative about achieving them.


The Goal Getter's Guide (GGG)

Available as a hard copy or downloadable PDF (visit our 'Buy the Book' page)Goal Getter's Guide

If YOU or your school already uses a preferred diary, you can purchase the Goal Getter's Guide.

The GGG is a workbook that can be used in conjunction with PDHPE or as a standalone course in personal development.

It is B5 size and staple bound.

The Goal Getter's Guide Includes:

  • 77 pages of scintillating activities
  • Scientifically proven goal-getting methods
  • Space for writing the exercises


The Goal Getter's Guide

helps build organisational

skills, resilience, talent, self-esteem and positivity in your life.

Use it as inspiration to be the best you can be!